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Perfect location
The complex is located in one of the greenest areas of Kyiv surrounded by 3 large parks. At the same time it is only 15 minutes away from the City Center by car and 3 metro stations are within walking distance.
Author's architecture
The noble look of the clubhouse is the spirit of the district through the use of unique modern ventilated facades. The large panoramic windows of Reynaers (Belgium) provide the building with lightness and open up beautiful views to the capital area.
A complex that brings everyone together!
Idealist includes 10 floors and only 26 apartments! It is not a standard block of flats – it is a complex where common values of high quality are combined with premium comfort and safety.
Apartments planning for boundless imagination
The spacious apartments of the complex open unlimited design opportunities! The height of the ceilings in the apartments is 3-3.5 m to provide a space for thoughts and creativity.
Penthouses are the top of the comfort!
For those who always choose the best the complex offers a limited number of premium-class apartments - the luxury penthouses with terraces which gives the perfect view of the area!
The highest level of the finishing quality
Apartments of CH Idealist are well prepared for improvement. Machine plasters, laser marked screed and high quality finish will provide a great start for future internal design as well as 150 mm density mineral wool roof insulation will keep you comfortable in all weather conditions.
The most advanced technologies only
The highest standards of the complex are provided by high-quality and safe finishing materials, reliable Schindler elevators and warm energy-saving windows. An independent rooftop boiler system ensures the safety of the electric home. Idealist is flawless to the last detail!
Lobby for leisure
On the ground floor of the complex there is a spacious lobby for relaxation. It's always nice to drink coffee with friends or neighbors, spend time with a book or work here.
Infrastructure for diversified comfort
The new complex has grown in a prosperous environment and already included everything you need for living - stores, post offices, sports studios, cafes, salons, educational facilities and hospitals. There are coffee shops, lounges and other facilities for everyday comfort are planned on the ground floors of the complex.
Underground parking
It’s not easy to find a place for parking in the capital. RC Idealist solves it in a modern way by offering its residents underground parking.
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